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Kenyans are hilarious and creative

Kenyans are hilarious and creative; log in to any social media platform and you are sure to find some memes that will make your day. Here’s a compilation of starter packs to keep you in the know

Grace Wachira and Sandra Wekesa @yaa_grace

Trust Kenyans to make light of anything and everything and bring the much needed comic relief even in tense situations. On the eve of the repeat presidential polls held last week, a starter park photo for voters was circulating on social media.

The list had an identity card, voter’s card, an umbrella, a warm jacket, gumboots and gloves. Also in the list was githeri, perhaps a lucky charm that turned Martin Kimotho, a Nairobi County public sanitation officer from rags to riches in the August 8, General Election.

So, it seems starter packs is the recent way to describe someone or situation.

Sleepover starter pack

This pack is mainly for girls since many men do not really care about how they will look or feel the morning after spending the night at a friend’s house.

You will notice these girls, especially on Friday carrying a large handbag. Inside the bag you would find an inner wear, shades, toothbrush, make-up kit and a music hard disk and perhaps a change of clothes.

Annoying couple starter pack

An ‘in a relationship’ notification will pop up on your timeline and that is how you know it is about to start raining love. Before you can get great meme to share, they start with the tagging and sharing of lovey-dovey memes. As time goes by, they eventually have a bomb photo shoot and the captions for kinging and queening flood your timeline.

To drive the point home, they will get those matchy-matchy tees and caps with the king and queen captions or the he’s mine, she’s mine tees. Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to like or scroll the new power/goals-couple.

Joining university starter pack

In order to feel completely at home, here are some recommendations. Get a pair of sneakers, rugged pants or shorts and a smartphone. That is not enough though. You also need to know how to pose for a photo.

The catch though, in the pose, is that you should look like you have a deformity in your legs. The pose should provoke a reaction of sorts. With all that at your fingertips, campus should be nothing short of a smooth-sailing affair.

Slay queens starter pack

They are the new breed of women who want to make everyone believe they are the most beautiful divas.

Slay queen starter pack means you should be a pro in applying make-up. Also, you have to pose in a way that you show your ass-ets and have a great fashion sense.

Have an expensive phone that can take great photos and selfies. Despite the slay queen’s penchant for accents, she has very poor grammar. The slay queen starter pack, therefore, comprises of some blonde moments even on common things that are known to everyone.

Hangover starter pack

Weekend is the time to relax, have fun, not to forget chilling and hanging out with buddies. So, you go out with your friends perhaps grab one for the road and it ends up completing the whole journey with many. You will definitely need a weekend recovery. Painkillers, a heavy meal comprising greens, meat and ugali, a soft drink and a loose fitting dress will do.

Moving on starter pack

Every time you come out of a fresh heartbreak you just want to swim yourself in junk and watch some movies that will help you get over the relationship. Well, now this starter pack will help in moving on from your ex with ease. So Netflix and Chill it is. Also, get a new look; you have to look your best. So, change your wardrobe, hit the gym and probably cut your hair.

Road trip starter pack

With a pair of shorts, a polo shirt, a pair of sandals, smartphone, a charging cable and watches, man you are good to go.

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