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Raging floods almost ruined our holiday

I took my children away on a short holiday over a long weekend and we ended up experiencing a flood. This was the most thrilling experience of a holiday. When I woke up early, I decided to get my breakfast while the children slept.

Upon coming back to the room, I noticed flood waters slowly filling up the camp and panicked. I rushed to call someone and when he came, he said that all I needed to do was to ensure that I place my luggage up high on the cupboard.

I woke the children up, packed everything I could as quickly as possible and did as he said. We then rushed out of the room as the water was moderately closing in on us. We went to the breakfast room. I served the children breakfast and decided to go monitor the floods.

To my shock, the water had now reached the main building and things were looking doubtful. Fortunately, our driver got our van and we drove out of the camp praying for our safety. We drove to high ground and looked down at where the camp was.

We were shocked by the sight of rushing flood waters caving in from every side. It was clear that we had just escaped a calamity. There was not much we could do, but wait for advice from the camp. Evacuation began and everyone made it out safe, but most of us did not have our luggage.

We were transferred to a lodge where we checked in for the night and had lunch as we waited for the flood waters to subside. When we went back, we had to wade in shin high water and walk carefully in copious amounts of mud avoiding the broken fence to get to our room.

We were shocked to see that flood waters had entered the room with such a strong impact that the furniture was thrown around everywhere. Fortunately our luggage was safe and we managed to rescue whatever we could see through the thick mud on the floor.

It was clear to me that in the spirit realm, we had been protected by a power beyond us. It was risky getting into the camp where crocodiles or hippos from the river could have come in.

I did not want to imagine how the whole story would have unfolded if the flooding had started even just two hours earlier or at night whilst we were asleep. As we drove back home the next day, we could all sense a feeling of excitement over what had transpired the day before and relief that we survived it unscathed. That experience changed me.

Nature, which is what we had gone to enjoy during the scheduled game drives, had come out to show us that the plans we make are not guaranteed. No lions or cheetahs were seen, but the wild flood was more than enough. The writer is a lawyer and blogger www.njerimucheru.com

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