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Decoding husband battering

It was Kenya’s hot button issue years ago, and men have been pressing it with both thumbs. Until two weeks ago when it happened again and now, they say that the media was only confirming true colours of the empowered women. Women who literally fight to create their own space.

Before they were doing it with sugar cane, spoons and mwikos. Today they are chopping off their husbands’ manhood. Now, for a woman to reach out for that weapon against her husband, questions are raised about her courage, admired and rebuked in equal measure.

See, some men are today raised by single parents, and so methinks when a man is mainly brought up in a family where only the mother calls the shots, he tends to expect that the wife does the same for him. In such a scenario, the man would be comfortable with the woman providing and actually taking up leadership role in the family.

When the men are busy drinking themselves silly, the father figure is missing in action and the next generation is raised mainly by women. Schools are staffed with only female teachers, families headed by mothers, churches the same and so it’s generally a society raised by women.

Their men have become too lazy to provide, but will buy goodies for other women, cheating on their hardworking wives. Some women have been victims of violence and the husbands will go scot-free, it’s no news when a woman is battered.

And so many issues pile up and by the time she decides to plan the ‘attack’, the woman is tired and can have none of it. She has to confront the situation solely. She knows men are strong physically, but she has to deal with it anyway.

That’s why you find that any violence case has either happened in the evening when the husband is drunk and weak or when he has totally blacked out. That’s when they strike. It gets me thinking what a real man would be doing when his manhood is being chopped off?

But I digress. Methinks when we see husbands being battered, it means the society ignorantly planted bad seeds and now what we are witnessing is the bad harvest. But who do we blame? We all need answers, and if we’re honest with ourselves, the answers won’t need much prodding to prop out.

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