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The yellow honeybee

Why this particular car? I’ve been a rally enthusiast since I was a little kid. I had always wanted a rally car of my own and I finally got this in 1994. I got it from a friend for Sh300,000. It’s a 2000cc punchy engine mated to a five-speed manual transmission with a locking differential.

It has been with me to 15 World Rally Championships (WRC) events, as well as over 10 Kenya National Rally Championships (KNRC) events. In total, it has been to 400 rallies. What do you love most about it? It’s a fast car, very powerful and as reliable as a tank.

I have driven it in a lot of difficult situations and it has always made it there and back. I stuff all my camera equipment in the back and my clothes and head off. It’s just nice knowing that it can get through anything, although I’m not sure whether that is to do more with the car or the drive. It also built a reputation in rallying circles.

Since I’m a rallying photographer, rally fans started saying fuata nyuki ule asali (Follow the bee to eat honey). They followed the yellow car wherever I went so that they could get the best views of the race.

Any drawbacks? At one point, I wanted to sell it. It has been going up in value and I finally decided to keep it and hope the value goes even higher. In the meantime, I don’t drive it much.

I also wish I could fit a power steering, because I’m getting on in age, and after driving these new cars with power steering, I wish I had one in this car. Getting parts is also a bit of a problem. I was trying to fix up the body a while back, but getting a body shell was hectic. I finally got one and got it fixed up.

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