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Ericsson’s contest to reward innovators

If you are a youth with a talent or an innovation that can help the world of ICT develop future opportunities, you have an opportunity to apply for the 2018 Ericsson Innovation Awards competition, open for students worldwide until November 15, 2017.

The competition will draw winners from seven regions. The regional winners will receive a Sh121,000 (€1,000) cash prize and an opportunity for either an employment or internship at Ericson, a global leader in ICT services and solutions.

The competition will consist of semi-finalists and finalists. All semi-finalists will receive two months of mentorship from Ericsson experts in innovation and business. On top of the cash prize, finalists will receive an additional month of mentorship and recognition across Ericsson social media and digital channels.

The ultimate winner will pocket a grand prize of Sh3 million (€25,000), Sh1.2 million (€10,000) for first runner-up, Sh605,000 (€5,000) for second runner-up and Sh242,000 (€2,000).

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