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Bride: Miriam Muhonja

Groom: Victor Keya

Date: July 29, 2017


Photos: Artistique Photography

Suits: Chauffeur Clothing

Décor: Events Bliss

How did you meet?

Victor: We had been friends for a long time and our dating goes way back to when we were in college. Through the courtship and mutual friends, we got to know each other even better.

After a few years of dating, we both knew what we wanted, and that was to settle down. Did you have a hard time dealing with some family members while planning the wedding? Yes, there were some difficult family members who wanted things to go their way. We like privacy, and we wanted a small wedding with only 250 people.

It was an invite-only affair, but our families wanted an open wedding, so we had to compromise and we allowed them to come with whomever they wanted to, and somehow, the numbers didn’t shoot up.

What was your budget?

We worked with Sh950,000.

What other challenges did you experience during the planning?

The major challenge was tailors, of both the groomsmen and bridesmaids. The groomsmen’s tailor kept them in the dark until the day before the wedding, when she delivered the suits.

The bridesmaids’ tailor was equally a disappointment. She had to be supervised to do the job, as she was busy doing other clients’ attires despite the fact that we had contacted and paid her in full three months to the wedding. She was making the last dress 12 hours to the wedding under strict supervision, and keep in mind this dress needed to be taken to the laundry.

How about the upside?

Our video and photography team were impressive. Also, the caterer, San Valencia, was just the best. The décor supplier too was amazing.

Is there anything you would change if you were to do it again?

Definitely the tailors. We would opt to buy ready-made clothes.

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