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The rhino’s eye


An election period can sometimes be full of anxiety and negative energy that can drain one’s strength. So, to escape from all this, I settled to travel all the way to Nyeri and get a glimpse of what this beautiful town has to offer, more so, just to unwind at the magnificent Rhino Watch Lodge. One thing I loved about the place is its location.

It offers not only luxurious relaxation, but also it’s just along the highway. So, whether driving or using a shuttle van to get there, one cannot get lost. The silence that welcomes you in this place is enough to let you know that you’ve already found a place of relaxation.

From the warm welcome of the staff to the spacious tents or chalets, these are just some of other things of opulence that you’ll enjoy on your holiday in this place. Outside are trees with names of the visitors who had been to this place.

This, I learnt later, is part of their tree-planting project, which they allow their guests to participate in and feel like they are part and parcel of their great family. The rooms have a magnificent view of Mt Kenya and it was awesome looking at its snow-capped peaks while sipping some coffee from my veranda. I loved their African-themed night that usually takes place on Saturdays.

I had grown tired of seeing the same old Maasai dancers, so it was such a refreshing moment having a group of women welcome guests while belting out traditional Kikuyu tunes.

One of the women, an 80-year old, narrated of her youthful days and how she sang for Kenya’s first President, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. I was impressed by her memory and her agility despite her age. The lodge supports the locals in the village by allowing them showcase their artistry and also sell their farm produce while at it.

It was awesome for me to learn and experience a different culture, especially their cuisine. The food served at the hotel is all organic, grown at the hotel’s farm. The lodge is surrounded by three wildlife reserves.

A game drive can be arranged to any of the nearby reserves such as the Solio Game Reserve and Ol Pejeta Reserve. These reserves are passionate about rhino conservation, and they work hand-in-hand with the government, not only to stop poaching, but also to save these endangered species at grassroots level.

They do this by going to nearby schools, giving the students educational trips to the various rhino reserves and teaching them on how vital they are to the society. For me, Rhino Watch Lodge is a hidden gem that can be by passed if one was not keen enough to discover it.

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