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Nairobi spot where Rhumba music lives

A1 Longue has added a new feature to the Nairobi West beer belt in a special way, outdoing older joints in the region that sparks to life as early as midday on most weekends.

Recently, during the commemoration of the death of Congolese Rhumba maestro Franco Luambo Luanzo Makiadi, A1 Lounge kept to it long tradition offering the best of the legend’s long collection that date back to 1962.

Funny that the rendition that made the night lively was well appreciated by the tens of those in attendance. The spot is a favourite for music lovers, especially Rhumba. Veteran sports journalist John Ashihundu, owner Prezda Alfred Jirongo and Eng Elijah Kinyangi, all acclaimed Lingala vocalists brought the crowd to their feet.

This spot is not just your normal Lingala joint, but, a true house of Rhumba that provides drink, food and latest, and old, Lingala music to the fill and feel of the revellers who find their way to this joint that is rightly referred to as ‘the best house of Rhumba’. A mature crowd frequents A1, which in its own setting, is safe and accommodating.

A police post not far away underlines the need for that much-needed protection. Drinks are also pocket-friendly, with beer going for Sh180, even more, whiskies, vodka and other spirit drinks are also affordable. It’s always an experience to cherish, every time a theme night is held at this joint.

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