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Raila declares Nasa resistance movement

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has declared the National Super Alliance (Nasa) a resistance movement as he called on his supporters not to participate in today’s repeat presidential poll. Further, he called for a national campaign of defiance and the creation of a People’s Assembly and a fresh presidential election within 90 days.

At the same time, Raila, who had withdrawn from the presidential race, called off planned today’s protests in a bid to avert violent confrontation of his supporters with the police.

He instead urged them not to interfere with today’s voting process amid fears that his supporters were planning to scuttle the exercise in Opposition strongholds.

He appealed to Nasa supporters to hold prayers away from polling stations or stay at home as the “sham repeat presidential election” is held. Sham elections “Do not participate in any way in the sham elections and convince your friends, neighbours and everyone else to not participate,” he said.

And reiterating that he will not take part in the poll, the Nasa leader said his Opposition alliance would now morph into a resistance movement against the government.

He announced that the transformation was necessary to prevent the country from sliding into a monocracy. It was the biggest avowal by the Nasa leader who also announced that in the subsequent weeks, the Opposition will be boycotting consumer products from unspecified companies.

Raila appeared to be applying hardball tactics that would force the government to the dialogue table. “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. When there is no justice for the people, there will be no peace for government.

If there is no justice for the people, there shall be no peace for the government,” he told his supporters at Uhuru Park, Nairobi yesterday. Raila said a national campaign of defiance would be one of the actions against what he termed an “illegitimate governmental authority and non-cooperation with all its organs.”

Boycott goods He also said his supporters will boycott the goods and services offered by the businesses which have benefited from the current regime.

The Nasa leader said his alliance will convene a people’s assembly geared toward charting a way back to constitutionalism and democracy. He promised his supporters he had an alternative to the electoral impasse in the country.

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