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Not all pizzas that glittered were good

Faith Kinel @PeopleDailyKe

Don’t we all love discounts? This year’s pizza fest ran from September 29 to October 8, but with fewer participating restaurants compared to prior years. This means we could only sample a few new restaurants.

I had higher expectations this time round, but the festival was kind of a letdown. Here are some of my experiences: Peppercorn Restaurant: This eatery is located at the food court at the new Next Gen Mall on Mombasa Road, Nairobi. I visited the restaurant on a Sunday, but without any expectations of a fast service, knowing there will be too many customers.

To my surprise, service was fast and our pizza came after about 15 minutes. The look alone was appealing and good to the eyes; the cheese was served well and covered the whole pizza. But when I finally delved into it, the taste was enough to send me running away to seek another pizza elsewhere. It was too salty. At first, we thought maybe because it’s an Indian restaurant and too many spices had been applied.

As we tried to eat more of it, it got even saltier and we couldn’t go on. Plus they only had two options for their pizza, mutton kima and chicken peri peri. The saddest part was we had paid for the pizza and we were hungry, so we felt compelled to at least try. Colloseum: I dare say this restaurant located West End Towers in Westlands was also a bit disappointing.

They have an amazing, classy ambience and you would think that it matches the food. But not their pizza in our case. Unlike at Peppercorn though, we could stand their pizza only that it was just too basic. We chose the Magheriita pizza and chicken peri peri, which we were able to eat a few pieces because we were so hungry. Nothing over the top and not even flavourful at Sh1,200.

Urban Eatery: Not only do they have the best burgers in town, but also their pizza was also good. At Sh850 to Sh1,250, the quality was also worth the money. Very generous with their cheese too, making it appealing to look at and full of flavour.

Located at Westgate, Nairobi, Urban Eastery had six flavour options. I opted for the Bbq Mushroom, which had mozzarella cheese and prego sauce. My second choice was the beef deluxe; this was cooked minced beef in a mouth-watering tomato sauce topped with beef sausage, cherry tomatoes, rocket and mozzarella. Sounds tasty, right?

That’s how much lip-smacking it was. At the Urban, what you see is what you get; something very impressive. Gyros 2 go. The only option at Gyros — which is located at Valley Arcade in Nairobi— was the Margherita pizza that cost Sh800. I thought the price as not such a good offer considering that the Pizza Festival is supposed to help people explore different places and different types of pizzas.

Margherita is not a bad pizza too. It’s just that you really can’t eat two flavours of the same kind as you will get bored, pus I love my meat and it rarely has any. I must commend them for having tasty pizzas though, especially given all their home made sauces and toppings. By the way, they also offer gluten free pizzas as well as gluten-free wraps.

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