Little known plastic surgery procedures

Not so long ago plastic surgery was a preserve of the rich and famous; not any more. As the field of plastic surgery gets wider and popular by day, Evelyn Makena outlines some cosmetic surgeries you may not be aware they exist

1. Eyelid rejuvenation

Puffiness on the eyes gives one a dull and tired look. They also make you appear older. While natural remedies such as enough sleep and consuming less sodium are effective in fighting eye bags and dark circles, there is another way of achieving similar results.

All you need to do is subject your misbehaving eyelids under a qualified cosmetic surgeon’s knife and voila, you achieve a fresher and more youthful look. I mean who does not want that.

2. Hymen reconstructive surgery

Wife material is a common phrase used in the country today. Virginity tops the list of the many qualities of a wife material. There is hope for those who feel that virginity may compromise their eligibility all thanks to hymen restoration surgery. In the spirit of not losing Mr Right, some women are opting to surgically restore their virginity before it otherwise becomes a deal breaker.

3. Male breast reduction

Breasts enhance the physical attractiveness of a woman. It’s, however, not the case when it comes to men. What is seen as a source of aesthetic appeal to women is a cause of distress for men.

Through surgical techniques such as liposuction and incision male breasts can be removed to restore the ideal shape of a man’s chest. The procedure is also used to tighten the chest area after drastic weight-loss.

4. Six pack creation

Firm biceps, sculptured shoulders, and a well-toned chest are an ideal body type for men. In fact, some spend endless hours in the gym trying to achieve the perceived desirable body.

Other men are opting for silicone implants on the arms and abdomen to achieve a muscular physique. The procedure is common among men under the age of 40.

5. Hyperhidrosis treatment

The term refers to excessive sweating on the palms, feet and armpits caused by hyperactive sweat glands. Excessive sweating stains clothes, causes embarrassments and may also hinder social interactions.

In serious situations, it can complicate a patient’s life by making it difficult for them to hold a pen, grip a car steering wheel and shake hands. Hyperhidrosis can be treated through use of antiperspirants or surgery to improve a patient’s quality of life. The procedure involves surgical removal of sweat glands.

6. Eye colour change

The practice, popular among celebrities, uses an artificial iris to drastically alter your eye colour. Medically, it is used in patients with iris abnormalities, such as ocular albinism, coloboma, as well as heterochromia and iris atrophy. Artificial iris is available in various colours and the procedure is performed under topical anesthesia. It takes about 15 minutes for each eye.

7. Cheek Augmentation

Cheeks affect the shape and structure of the face. High and full cheekbones are considered attractive and have an effect of giving a youthful look. This procedure allows one to alter the cheekbone to suit their liking.

It also helps reshape hollow and sagging cheekbones due to weight loss and aging. It can either be done by surgically inserting silicone implants on the cheeks or through fat injections.

8. Hair transplant

Hair loss presently affects people of all ages. The effects of a receding hairline or balding head are associated with aging while on the other hand, a full head gives an illusion of youthfulness.

Hair loss, especially among the youth erodes their self confidence and self-esteem. Many are resorting to hair transplant to restore hair. The procedure involves extraction of hair follicles from a part of patient’s head, which has high hair density to the recipient site with hair loss.

9. Ear correction

The procedure corrects the size, shape and position of ears. It’s commonly carried out on children to correct a birth defect. In other cases, ear correction treats ear disfiguration caused by an injury. The surgery is aimed at restoring the balance and proportion of the face ultimately improving the appearance.

10. Clitroplasticity

The clitoris is one of the parts of the female anatomy that is adversely damaged during female genital mutilation (fgm). Clitroplasticty reverses the effects of FGM such as reduced sexual pleasure and physical sensitivity by rebuilding the damaged area and rejuvenating its nerve functioning.

Clitoral reconstructive surgery, which was introduced in the country early this year, is helping FGM survivors recover their pride as women and feel some sense of completeness. By improving their sex lives, it is also saving marriages.

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