Media lobby roots for equality

International Association of Women in Radio & Television (IAWRT) has questioned the implementation of the gender mainstreaming policy in private media houses.

Speaking on Monday at a Nairobi hotel during a workshop, IAWRT officials said that women and men are not given equal opportunities while working in media houses, citing that majority give men top work priorities.

IAWRT’s Racheal Nakitare said the level of participation and influence of women in the media also has implications on media content and the ultimate goal of empowering media industry players.

“Media plays important roles in society and can be an important factor in promotion of gender equality, both within the working environment and in terms of fair gender portrayal,” said Nakitare.

Mediamax Network Limited Deputy Human Resource manager Lily Njagi, however, said there is a strong correlation between gender-balanced companies and strong financial performance.

“We are pursuing gender equality because it is a socially moral thing to do, but it is also a necessary business imperative company’s financial performance will be driven and lead to greater customer satisfaction and employee retention,” said Njagi.

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