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Send her to pleasure island

 Waithera Otieno @loveNlust 69

While making love to their women, guys often spend two minutes on the twins and three minutes on Ms Vajay. Although she may appreciate this effort, she has more sweet spots that you can pay attention to, to make the experience memorable.

Experts say that an average woman needs at least 17 minutes of foreplay before she is ready for you. How do you enjoy these minutes? Begin with her face. Hold her head on your lap and massage her temple, cheeks and forehead.

Complement her facial feature that you appreciate the most. Perhaps you love her eyes, her lips, or even the shape of her face. Kiss, lick and nibble on her earlobes.

Whisper something romantic against her ear and watch her melt in your arms. Brush your lips against her throat and neck. Kiss her lips. Lick her upper lip and tug on it gently with your teeth.

Trace your fingertips along the inner part of her wrist. You can also lick this area and gently blow air on it, to create a cooling sensation. Pay attention to her back by kneading the muscles between her shoulder blades and spine.

Give her a back rub in between lovemaking, it communicates that you care about her. Allow your hands to slide to her sides and caress her waistline. Further down south, stroke her stomach with your fingertips and lick her navel.

Trail your fingers downwards towards the inside of her thighs, moving from the knees towards the direction of Ms Vajay, but pull away before you reach it.

This will create anticipation and make her want more. Give her feet some attention by giving her a warm foot wash and massage. This loving act of service communicates more than words ever can.

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