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Meet bride Lilian Njeri and groom Ndilima Wa Munyithya

Bride: Lilian Njeri

Groom: Ndilima Wa Munyithya

Date: September 2, 2017

Venue: Barclays Sports Club, Thika Road

Photography: Prime World Pictures

Bride’s gown: Rembeka Bridal

How did you meet? Ndilima: We met in Kericho town. Both of us were attending a conference at World Changers International Church. Lily had accompanied her pastors from Nairobi, while I was a guest singer along other Sparkle Media artistes, headed by singer Victor Mbuvi. This, however, wasn’t the first time we were meeting. I had ministered at their Nairobi church four times, but I never recognised her until then (laughs).

How was the proposal? The moment I got convinced I would marry Lily, I got her a surprise commitment ring. I later surprised her with a confirmation ring and our journey towards the wedding started. How long did you take to plan the wedding? It took us around two months. It was a bit hectic, but because of God’s favour, we managed.

How did you choose the theme colours? Long before we even started planning the wedding, we had defined our wedding slogan: Simple, classy and beautiful. The slogan helped us bring out the African theme in an elegant way.

How did you settle on the wedding venue? We both wanted a feel of nature and its beauty. So, we settled on a venue that gave us the two factors, but it wasn’t easy to find one.

Which were the biggest challenges you faced? Getting a venue that would be ideal to have both the church ceremony and reception set-up was the biggest of them all. To ease movement and save time, we wanted to have the ceremony and reception in one venue.

Allocation of duties and selecting service providers was another challenge, but we ensured that we got people with expertise in each specific field, which helped in the smooth flow of things.

Why would you say your wedding was successful? It went beyond our expectations. We had everything we had wished to have at our wedding. God manifested Himself on that day.

Where was your honeymoon and for how long? We went to different towns experiencing the beauty of our motherland Kenya for two weeks.

Your advice to couples planning a wedding? Psychological preparation is the most important thing before anything else. Set it on your mind that you are getting married, then put your faith and trust in God. He never disappoints. He did it for us, and He will for sure do it for you.

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