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A dip in cold water


Clad in my hiking boots and cargo pants, we are about to take a hiking tour. I didn’t make the mistake of forgetting to carry my warm jumper, just in case it got cold before our journey back to Nairobi. We are touring Aberdare Cottages and Campsite in Murang’a.

The facility is located at Mathioya, about 56 kilometres from Nairobi, near the cascading ranges that form the Aberdare forest. The hotel is built on a hilly landscape that provides a scenic view of the opposite ridge, which looks lush green and speaks of the rich tea-production culture of the upper Murang’a county. The beautiful landscape makes the whole place look so serene.

The hotel provides an excellent getaway for hiking, fishing and kayaking in river Mathioya, during the rainy season. Once in, the guests are treated to local and international cuisines, and so, for a normal countryman, a slice of nduma (arrowroots) served with some warm milk does magic for the cold night ahead.

If one arrives on an evening, the jumper comes handy in shielding oneself from the biting cold and humid air of the hills around. The hotel has two locations for guest rooms; one at the main hotel and the river lodge located about 1.6 kilometres away, along Mathioya River. For a night, a single room goes for Sh6,500 and Sh8,500 for a double room.

The rates are inclusive of breakfast, lunch and supper. The roaring Mathioya River and sweet melodies of birds mark your morning at the hotel, but the cold air outside might hold you back in bed until sunshine appears.

A morning at the hotel leaves you spoilt for choice, as swimming in a river, hiking and fishing are just some of the activities in the offing. If you choose to hike, Aberdare Range is just a few kilometres away.

For swimming enthusiasts, the Mathioya River is just a stone throw away from your room. For nature lovers, explorers and mountain daredevils, Aberdare Cottages make the perfect go-to place.

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