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Crooked Q’s, the pool player’s HQ

I heard of the famous Crooked Q’s, or simply Q’s while still in primary school. I heard stories of how the best pool players in the country would congregate there and if you really wanted to become a pro, you had to do it there.

The club strictly caters to a mature audience; anyone below 23 years of age won’t get in. Even if they do, they will soon leave for it’s not their kind of scene, unless they love playing pool!

The entrance opens up to the bar, which divides up the small club neatly into two. To the left are two pool tables reserved for the highly skilled. To the right are two more, reserved for the upcoming, not sure if that was by design, but it works out perfectly.

The tables are European standards, the in house cue sticks of a premium quality, not the kind you find in your neighbourhood pool hall. The ambience clearly points to the purpose of the club.

Seating is restricted to barrel tables and bar stools around the bar, affording a good view of both tables for the spectators. The music is more mature as well, none of that trap music.

Cool 90s Hip-hop and Soul blast from the speakers. When a good jam comes on and you really want to dance, you will have to make it quick because you can only dance for the bit of time it takes a player to walk round the table.

The mood you get is that Q’s is first of all a pool club, drinking comes second and dancing a distant third. For 20 years, it has maintained its reputation for being the best pool player’s haven.

The décor doesn’t change and the music doesn’t change. It’s not a club that changes with the latest fad, this is Nairobi’s best pool club and seems like it is here to stay some more, unchanged!

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