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Gel made from sugar molasses waste promotes clean cooking energy

The lifeline of the community in Muhoroni, Kisumu County, has revolved around sugar growing.

Residents were economically empowered. Lifestyle of locals was the talk of envious neighbors and passengers along the Kericho – Kisumu City highway.

Not much thought was given to molasses waste as a source of in come by adding value and at the same time help secure the environment until the concept of green cooking energy gained fame.

Now the waste is a source of wealth for residents they dispose off instead of letting it go to waste. A cooking gel is produced that benefits locals and others beyond the the borders of the cane growing zone. Consumer Choice the local firm behind the innovations developed an innovation that puts into use the wastage.

The firm,associated with the Motopoa Cooking Stove, stand at the Ask International Agriculture Show and Trade Fair was at the center of attraction at the Agri Business pavilion.

“We buy the molasses from farmers that is fermented and distilled to get ethanol from which the gel is produced. The gel is put into the stove that is sold at Sh2,300 and cooking begins,” explained Regina Awino.

Awino says the ‘waste’ is a big saving for users accustomed to using charcoal now selling at between Sh1,400 -1,800 depending on a region or paraffin.

“From a greeter perspective, the molasses in the long run leads to better health. Savings on health B by adding value to because of value addition of the the ‘waste’ is assured. Carbon monoxide is not released. Environment is secured.

Tress for charcoal are not cut, says Awino. So is the environment. Busy farmers now have not reason to skip lunch because of tight programmes at the farm level. “They can prepare food in ten minutes by using steam fusion technology. Saves energy and cash,” says The Fusion Experience Kenya Limited sales representative, Lilian Akinyi Omondi.

Many households, especially in rural settings waste a lot of time and resources when they don’t use clean energy as a source of energy. World Energy Outlook reveals that close to 2.7 billion people rely on traditional cook stoves and open fires which end up affecting their health and environment.

Ecozoom Jikos save up to Sh.2,000 on charcoal and 70 percent less charcoal. The jikos have a lifetime of five years and produce less smoke.”says Noreen Kinanja, Marketing and Communications associate. The Country Director , SNV in Kenya, Harm Duiken ,says the organization has intalled 20,000 biogas installations in Kenya.

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