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The Dark Tower

I have not read any of the eight books in Stephen King’s massive fantasy series The Dark Tower, but here’s what I’ve gathered so far; it’s a complex story, tangled in an intricate web of important details.

It shouldn’t be rushed through in order to appreciate and enjoy the multi-universe King has crafted. The film follows a young boy named Jake Chambers, played by Tom Taylor, and his journey to track down the Gunslinger, played by Elba.

Chambers is suffering from troubling visions of a different world that’s causing distress on his own planet. On another version of Earth, the Gunslinger is on his own mission to track down the Man in Black, played by McConaughey, and stop him from destroying the Dark Tower.

If the Man in Black accomplishes his goal, it opens the door to a number of dark creatures and monsters to invade the various worlds people inhabit.

And as it happens with so many book to film adaptations, The Dark Tower is proof that not every book series should be adapted, best leave somethings to the imagination, eh? Rating: 7/10.

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