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Celebs back Uhuru

With just a few hours before the Kenyan people hit the polls, the players in the entertainment industry have taken their endorsements to social media, backing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s bid for re-election.

Comedians Chipukeezy and Obinna, gospel artistes Size 8, media personality Grace Msalame, are some of the celebrities who took to the Instagram to voice their backing for the President.

“And you Know when it’s time to take a stand, God calls us to either be hot or cold for if we are lukewarm, He will spit us out,” Grace Msalame posted alongside the hashtag #UhuruNiWetu. Chipukeezy used photos taken with the President captioning “Hiyo ni salamu ya tano tena.”

Obinna: “Let us get out in large numbers and vote peacefully, but as an artistic youth, remember President Uhuru Kenyatta looks to increase creative arts, content, create employment opportunities for the artistes.” Others took to YouTube to support President Kenyatta’s second term including musicians’ Bahati, Roughtone, Frasha of P-UNIT, among others.

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