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Behold, here’s world’s most expensive faeces

Behold, here’s world’s most expensive faeces. Photo/Courtesy

Canadian artist Terence Koh had an installation in 2007 that was literally gold plated pieces of his own poop. In total, the pieces all sold for an equivalent of Sh50 million!

Art installation was room that had lights going on and off

British artist Martin Creed created an art Installation that he called Work No. 227. It was a white room where the lights went on and off every five seconds.

Yes, that’s it! The “art installation” was set up in New York in 2007 and hundreds of folks paid to see what small children in millions of homes across the world re-enact whenever they stretch out to breach the electric switch.

Piles of dirt pass off as art Japanese artist

Yoko Ono had what she said was an “amazing art Installation” in London in 2012, called “To The Light.” She described it as a commentary about world peace. It was three piles of dirt on the floor. Just that!

Virgin Mary portrait made from dung

British artist Chris Ofili decided to try his version of “The Holy Virgin Mary,” and made this work which he says depicts the Virgin Mary.

Forgive the wanting aesthetic value for the ‘untrained eye’ because it’s more that meets the eye. The work composed of elephant dung and pages from pornographic magazines. He said he chose the ingredients to make a “Bold Statement”.

Artwork confused for trash

An art installation at the Musion Gallery in Italy was accidentally thrown away in 2015 because the janitors thought it was just a bunch of trash! The piece was titled, “Where Are We going To Dance Tonight?” by Italian artist Goldschmied Chiari.

Can you believe this cost Sh200m?

One look and you might be forgiven to think this is a caricature scribbled by a child who’s still learning to hold writing apparatus. Well, this is an “art piece” christened Peinture that was done by Spanish artist Joan Miro. How much did it go for you may wonder?  Well, an equivalent of Sh200 million!

This is no sketch. It’s a Sh2.7 billion work!

This is neither a crack on the wall or a sketch by a child learning how to write. This is an “infamous work of art” by Spanish maestro Joan Miró that was “painted” in 1968. It is titled “Painting on White Background for the Cell of a Recluse.” It is valued at an equivalent of Sh2.7 billion.

Statue made of panda poop went for Sh4.5m

Chinese sculptor Zhu Cheng caused a stir after he made a popular greek statue, Venus de Milo , in a very bizarre way. He made it using panda poop. Forget the poop part; that lump of faeces was sold for an equivalent of Sh4.5 million!

Soiled bed sold for Sh400m

English artist Tracey Emin had an offbeat art installation that comprised of her bed – complete with used condoms and dirty laundry strewn about it— that sold for an equivalent of Sh400 million! It was titled “Everyone I have ever slept with” and had names of everyone she’s ever been engaged with sexually.

Cooking using body fat

In 2006, Chilean-born artist Marco Evaristti took liposuction fat from his body and mixed it with beef to make meatballs and make some sort of comment on society’s eating habits. The artist’s meatballs were shown in a gallery before others joined him in eating them!

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