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No one does it better than LeeTheDeejay

Talk to us about your style. My style is simple and neat, well, except the hair. It’s a bit unruly, but I like it. I don’t follow trends. I do what works for me, whether or not it’s in vogue.

What inspires your everyday look?

My career or better yet, what my day is like. In this biz, changing your image comes with the job. What you’ll be today, what you’ll rock will without a doubt be different come tomorrow. Take my first days spinning for KTN’s Straight Up, shades, headphones and tees were my signature.

Nowadays, I’m a bandanas man. I’ve learnt that it pays to have some clothes that you bought just for deejaying. I have a few such pieces that I probably would not wear in private, but they give off the right vibe for what I’m deejaying, take an old skool set. I can sometimes use clothes to emphasise the old skool bit.

So, what would you wear when you are deejaying events such as weddings, corporate shows, and birthday parties?

And do you rock flashy clothes at club gigs, or are jeans and shirts fine?

It’s really about dressing for the occasion. As a performer during the event, you will be the centre of attention whether you like it or not.

When I’m doing a formal show, I go for a smart casual look. While I may not rock a suit, you can be sure I won’t be in khakis and a button down polo.

Club gigs and festivals are different though. You are generally given more artistic freedom to dress according to your style and music. The way you present yourself is crucial to your image.

You splurge most on?

I would say shoes. Rubber shoes are my poison. They’re so comfy, and as a DJ, being on your feet is part of the package, so you’ll need some comfy footwear and nothing beats rubber shoes. I’m a Converse guy. I think I have about 15 pairs.

Where do you shop?

Toi Market or Gikomba.

What’s your latest buy?

I just bought a Versace scarf from Toi at Sh30. It’s amazing. I can’t seem to keep it down. Wow. Now we’re jealous. We’d kill to get our hands on it. Toi and Gikomba have a lot of designer merchandise. You just need to know where to look.

So, how do deejays dress for meetings?

We can’t picture you in a suit. (Laughs). Neither can I. I just do a shirt and some jeans. Wait, I did rock a suit once at some wedding. So, I guess I could. However, a lot of the clients are aware on the kind of style mix masters have. It’s not written in stone as with some other professions.

What’s the one fashion rule you stick to in the DJ box?

No flip-flops and that goes for Crocs, too (sorry, Crocs lovers!).

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