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Is your woman cheating on you?

If your woman has been complaining about a certain issue for some time without seeing concern on your part to cater to her needs, she might find solace in the arms of another man.

Be worried if she stops complaining about that issue; you might think that the issue has resolved itself, but her silence might be an indication that she is now getting her needs met by someone else, and she is, therefore, satisfied. Your woman might be cheating on you emotionally, physically or both.

If she is cheating on you emotionally, she is emotionally attached to the other guy although they might not have made love, yet. If it is physical cheating, she could be having sex with her new guy, but not really love the guy. His role would be to fulfill her sexual needs. Perhaps she could still be emotionally attached to you.

The kind of cheating that is more serious is one involving emotional and physical infidelity. This means that she is just with you for show, but her heart and her body belongs to the other man.

Just what is it that your woman is looking for in the other guy? Your woman might be looking for some affection, love and romance.

If you don’t give these to your wife, she might find someone who is generous with hugs, cuddles, back rubs, gifts and fancy dates. Her boyfriend might call her pet names that you never call her by.

If you fail to invest in quality time and conversation with her, someone else might provide these on your behalf. If your woman has a significantly higher libido than you do, and you don’t make an effort to satisfy her, she might find someone who seems to be always up and ready.

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