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Kenyan artiste raising awareness for diaspora hustlers

Dubai-based songstress 2GB is in the country to promote her new song Tulia. She is also working with interested parties to raise awareness of the plight of Kenyans in the diaspora, working under harsh conditions.

Speaking to Spice via phone, 2GB stated she has received numerous calls from Kenyans who asked her to use her music platforms to speak against the problems that many in diaspora are facing.

“From being mistreated to struggling with finances to information on investment opportunities — I intend to use my music through working with different partners to highlight some of their plight,” she stated.

“Just like a tree, my leaves may be in Dubai, but my roots run so deep in Kenya, I was born and brought up in Kenya. My long-term career goal is taking Kenyan music to the world and to archive this, I have to remain true to my roots, but at the moment, I want to use music positively and one of the ways I can do that is raising awareness on what is happening to Kenyans hustling in foreign land,” she added.

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