Party list disappoints loyalists

Bishop John Nduati, a leading pastor and active member of Jubilee Party has opposed the list of nominees submitted to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) saying the process was hijacked.

“The list which Jubilee Party officials in Nairobi submitted to IEBC as nominees is made up of people who were not active members of this party and we are surprised how loyal members like us who have invested resources and time for this great party were ignored. This is injustice of the highest order for loyalists like us,” lamented Nduati.

The presiding Bishop of Gods Power Church and Ministry in Nairobi spoke as he urged his followers to vote President Uhuru Kenyatta on August 8 based on Jubilee manifesto which is pillared on development. He also supported the election of Team Jubilee for Nairobi’s gubernatorial, senatorial and women rep positions.

“Going by these records, you can easily tell that I have never failed to pay membership fee at any time, a sign that I have been a loyal member and the worst is that I have used my school fees to campaign for the party. I am very stressed and that is why I am appealing to the party to be fair to all party members by exercising democracy since this party release stands on the pillar of true democracy,” said Nduati in a press.

Nduati was a TNA gold member number 002 since 2014 before the party dissolved to join Jubilee.

“I have continuously contributed to the growth of the party through financial support and campaigns in various parts of the country,” says Nduati.

“As I speak to you now I have used every single penny for the Jubilee party and I am now a poor man. I love this party and especially its leader President Uhuru Kenyatta whose manifesto will spur development but we have people within the party that do not mean good for this party and they are working hard to ensure that we fail as a party,” claimed the bishop.

He also praised Winnie Nguchu, the party and David Murathe for their good leadership and guidance.

He urged the President and his Deputy to intervene and review names that were forwarded, to IEBC for possible nomination in a bid to ensure fairness.


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