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Hang them one by one

November 25, 2014. A woman boards a Githurai matatu. Unknown to her, the decision to board this specific matatu would be the worst decision she ever made. Or maybe not, maybe it was the only matatu available.

Whatever the case, her trip home on this specific day, didn’t end well. As seen from the video that went viral the day after, a group of men were sexually assaulting her. Two-and-a-half years later three men are are sentenced to death for the crime.

But it’s robbery with violence that attracted death sentence. And I’m a bit sad that the sentence will go to waste, I have my reasons. Walk with me. First, the sexual offense that would have attracted the death sentence, only secured these goons 25 years in prison. Say they didn’t rob this woman, they’d serve only 25 years in prison for the inhuman things they did.

Sad. You’ll recall the last time someone was actually hang was in 1987. What does this mean? It’s just a life in prison sentence. Yes for doing the filthy things they did. Sad. Methinks we should protest again this time driving the ‘hang them publicly’ agenda.

They can even charge an entrance fee for those who want to watch. I swear I’d be the first to buy these tickets, and a bucket of popcorn of course! Only then will men learn to close their eyes (read ignore) anytime they spot a woman dressed ‘provocatively’.

Because, hey the issue is spotting a woman right? Spot one, and chose to either close your eyes and avoid being provoked or risk death sentence. We’ve always been told that men don’t understand how to respond to the sight of a woman wearing, say, skimpily.

As far as they are concerned, if they can see the outline of her body, then that’s an invitation to sex that they can’t resist. If that’s true, I welcome my advice earlier, we have no choice.

So all men will have to cover their eyes while working out, going to bars or clubs, or relaxing on the street benches. Because at the end of the day, women should do what they please. Men on the other hand should relax and get used to the idea. Finally, you can peacefully show as much or as little as you want —your choice.

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