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Five minutes with Moranga Matthew, Artistique Photography

Why wedding photography?

I settled for wedding photography because it’s always a new challenge with every wedding. The weather is never the same, the people aren’t the same, the locations are different, and this makes the job fun, hence making your creativity in the art grow.

What is your style of photography?

I would describe it as creative photography. Whatever you give me, I’ll make sure I give you interesting photos. I enjoy portraiture though.

The field you’re in is competitive, what makes you stand out from the rest?

Our clients choose us first of all because of the quality of our services, our creativity and our packages, which are pocket-friendly.

How much do you charge for wedding photography?

We have different packages that are tailor-made to suit all clients, regardless of the budget. But, averagely, we charge between Sh100,000 to Sh300,000 for both photography and cinematography. Artisque does not only deal with photography, but also graphic design, video production and branding.

What should a couple look out for when choosing a wedding photographer for their big day?

They should look for a creative photographer, who can take unique photos that stand out. It’s also important to find a flexible photographer, such that in the event there are unforeseen circumstances before, during and after the wedding day, he will reason out with the couple.

How do you choose what photos to present to the couple?

We work with our clients during the post production process. It’s a combined effort, which involves at least two meetings before the final presentation or delivery. But, generally, photos that have been taken in the right colour, lighting and resolution make it above the cut.

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