Mustafa: I rejected Sh1 million from a politician

It is harvest time for local entertainers, as they continue laughing all the way to the bank, thanks to the numerous opportunities being thrown to them by politicians. However, for controversial rapper Colonel Mustafa, his support has to come at the right price, as a Nairobi-based politician found out when he asked for Mustafa’s help, or so he claimed.

“This popular city politician has been pestering me with questions, even sending a relative of mine who happens to be his friend, to sweet talk me into supporting him. When I asked how much they were willing to pay me for the endorsement, he quoted Sh1 million, which I felt was a rip-off,” he told PD Wikendi.

According to the Loboko songmaker, his brand equity is more than the quoted figure, but also pointed that other factors also led to him rejecting the offer.

“As a public figure, whatever I do can make or break my brand, and as a person, there are things I have to check on someone including his agenda for the people, especially the youth.

Unfortunately, the guy did not match my expectations in terms of leadership qualities,” he added.

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