Kiza in and out…

Kiza Lounge, strategically perched on the eighth floor of Galana Plaza in Kilimani, Nairobi, is one of the city’s most envied uptown entertainment spots. It egoistically shares the building with probably its fiercest rival around, the B-Club. Just like myself, I know you are asking just how there can be two rival clubs on the same building. But I think it’s all about the ‘selling point’. I got to Kiza before paying its rival a visit, at the moment when the two spots were still new kids on the block, and I had too many expectations that I must say were not bruised.

Before hitting the club, I was given some advice by a friend though, to dress up good. Kiza is not your usual kalocal. Sandals and a dress down is not the way to go. The place has a strict dress code. Personally, I like how spacious this club is, and when it gets packed (which it reasonably does), the space is just enough to allow you move about without necessarily pushing and shoving other revellers.

I also like that it’s a combo of a restaurant and club. It gives the customer an option to dine and wine. Kiza Lounge provides a great ambiance for a night out. The only thing that is a bit works to its disadvantage is that people tend to dance at the middle space, where they are always on a collision mission with other patrons walking about, either to the washrooms, exit or just to other sections of the lounge. Whatever happened to dance floor reservations by club owners? Maybe that’s a thing of the past. After all, that’s how a lounge is supposed to be right? No dance floor.

I also liked the silent disco, which they host from time to time. How amazing that you can switch up and listen to something different other than what the deejay is playing. The playlist at the club is simply selected by a mind of a genius. Also from time to time, Kiza hosts celebrity deejays, adding more flavour into the foray.  However, the service at Kiza can sometimes lose it. I twice experienced mix-ups with my order. But another good thing about this place is that drinks and food prices are affordable. Beer goes for Sh300, and there’s an everyday happy hour marathon from 4pm to 10pm. During this time, you can buy one beer and get another free. Cocktails range from Sh750 to Sh1,000, which could be termed as affordable when all factors are considered.

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