Smoky glitter eyes

Smoky eyes may be hot, but you can switch up the dark eyeshadow appearance by trying a make-up look that’s dramatic, but not too over the top. This is by adding glitter. Here’s how to do it.

1. Prep the face with a moisturiser. This should be followed by a lightweight foundation for a sheer finish.

2. Using a beauty blender, buff some setting powder onto cheekbones and anywhere else that light naturally strikes your face. Then, blend in the powder until it has an even finish.

3. Apply dark brown eyeshadow up to the crease of the eye and on the V-shape in the outer corner of each eye.

4. Using a flat eyeshadow brush, press some glitter shadow on the centre part of each eyelid. The glitter should not get to the outer corners of the eyes.

5. Outline the upper eyelids with dark eyeliner.

6. Layer the lashes with two generous coats of black mascara.

7. Your lips should be left bare, with only a touch of balm for an understated glossy finish. A nude lipstick can also be used. Remember, the eyes and lips go hand in hand. If you have a dramatic eye look, the lips should be subtle, and with a bold lipstick, the eye area should be simple.

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