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Never too old to embrace crime

Grandpa could not keep off stealing

In 2008, Richard Blaylock, then 76, while in the dock for burglary, pledged to live a clean life, bringing the curtain down on a 66-year-old criminal career. At his old age, he complained that burglary was becoming too difficult. He also blamed the advanced technology for making life as an outlaw difficult.

“It’s getting harder and harder for criminals, with all the CCTV cameras and DNA evidence,” he said, “It’s a mugs’ game. I’ll never get into trouble again.” It only took him a few months and he was back in trouble.

Blaylock, who had spent more than half of his adult life in jail, got himself another ticket to prison after he was arrested and charged for carrying out two more burglaries. This time, he had stolen a watch, some cufflinks and an equivalent of Sh1200 in cash. His life of burglary and theft began in the middle of the Second World War, when he was 11 years old.

Records show he was given a year’s probation on August 31, 1943, for “larceny”, the old term for theft. Since then he has clocked up 69 convictions, with another 48 crimes taken into consideration, and served time in 14 prisons.

91-year-old was drug dealer

A 91-year-old Australian man was in 2015 charged with importing cocaine inside packets of soap in a crime that made him the world’s oldest drug dealer.

Victor Twartz, from Sydney, allegedly smuggled 4.5 kilogrammes of cocaine on a flight from New Delhi but was apparently a victim of a scam.  The drugs were found inside 27 packets of soap.

Jailed for fake bomb hoax

A 74-year-old man brought Sevenoaks, UK, to a standstill in February last year after planting a fake bomb in a bank in an attempt to blackmail staff out of money.

Reginald Esqulant, of Lenham owed had debts amounting to more than an equivalent of Sh2 million and figured out that the only way to deliver himself from debt would be through the bomb hoax.

After holding the bank hostage for hours, he was arrested, charged and sentenced to 40 months for making the bomb hoax and another 40 months for blackmail.

Serial thief, 86, arrested for jewellery theft

For her, it is never too late to steal. Doris Payne is an 86-year-old whose time is not spent knitting on a rockchair watching the sunset. She is a jewel thief.

Despite her old age, Payne has pulled many heists and was recently arrested at a store in Georgia with items worth an equivalent of Sh8,622. At the time of arrest, she was found wearing an ankle monitor from a previous arrest for shoplifting!

Payne has served multiple jail terms for her crimes. She is thought to have stolen an equivalent of Sh200 million in jewellery in her underworld career spanning from the 1950s. Officials say she stole her first diamond when she was 23 years old.

Heist involved folks whose age totalled 432

In 2015, police handling one of the largest jewellery heists in Britain were shocked after they discovered the robbery was done by a group of pensioners.

They were pursuing outlaws who swooped a store in Hatton Garden, UK, and made away with valuables equivalent to Sh2.6 billlion after raiding 72 safety deposit boxes over the Easter weekend.

The gang zoomed down a lift shaft and drilled through a concrete wall before escaping with the jewels. Scotland Yard pursued the suspects and arrested seven suspects aged 67, 74, 58, 48, 59, 76 and 50, giving them a combined age of 432!

88-year-old sex worker rakes in Sh33,000 an hour.

The oldest prostitute in Britain is 88 years old – and she’s still pulling in a whopping Sh33,000-an-hour. Gran Sheila Vogel-Coupe went on the game in 2010 after the death of her second husband, citing loneliness as the reason for her new business venture. She claims that she entertains clients at a rate of 10 per-week. “They see something about me. It is a nice feeling,” she says.

Pensioner, 101 got 13 years

A pensioner aged 101 became the oldest criminal to be jailed after British court found him guilty of sexual abuse. Ralph Clarke was jailed for 13 years last year for committing a catalogue of assaults against a boy and two young girls between 1974 and 1983.

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