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Nyamari Ongegu (Nyashinksi) -artiste

Best childhood moment?

Lying under a shade outside our Mombasa home in a sunny day, together with mum and my sister just eating popcorns.

Worst experience on stage?

It was in Minnesota, United States when I performed at a certain concert. I had 15 songs to perform and I could only remember two songs. I forgot the lyrics of the rest. I was bad and I somehow just had to pull through due to the time I had been allocated. The crowd was also dull.

Best book or series?

My best book is the Bible. I love to read it. My favourite series so far is Madmen. It has interesting episodes.

Worst food?

I hate pork. Yuck! What is it about you that people think is your worst habit? People think I am a snob. But I am just a quiet person.

Best hobby?

Haha…I love sleeping.

Worst advice you have ever received?

I can’t point into one scenario, but people have so many opinions and being told how to be an artiste, or how to do your lyrics isn’t cool. It is not that I don’t like being corrected, but some sentiments are just annoying.

Best decision you have ever made?

Well, I am torn between coming back home from the US or sticking to my passion for music. They are both great decisions and I am glad I made them.

Worst public experience?

I was on stage performing and my voice went off key. I least expected it. Best thing you like in people. Authenticity. I like people who are real. Being true to self and not faking who you are.

Best quality you like about being a Kenyan?

Kenyans are warm and loving.

If you were to come back in a life as a musical instrument, what would it be?

Bass clarinet.

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