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Morbid records only broken by default!

Most people crave for fame by purposely setting or attaining exclusive achievements. However, there are some records that can only be broken by default

Officially dead for longest time

An Indian man spent about two decades of his life proving he wasn’t dead! Lal Bihari from Uttar Pradesh, India, holds the record for the person legally dead for the longest time.

He was officially dead from 1975 to 1994 during which he fought Indian government bureaucracy to prove he was alive. When Lal Bihari tried to apply for a bank loan in 1976, he found out that he was officially dead.

His uncle had bribed a government official to register him as dead so he would get the ownership of his land. He ‘came back to life’ in 1994 after 18 years of fighting for his life—literally!

Fireworks on body

You don’t get tagged “the Village Idiot” for no reason. Todd DeFazio, from Pennsylvania, US, enjoys setting and breaking world records, and is determined to set or break more. He holds many world records including most underwears worn in 30 seconds.

However, he almost killed himself attempting an idiotic display on July 2010, when he taped 15 fireworks around himself and then had them all lit at once! Luckily he survived the ordeal and got into the Guinness Book of Records.

Record for most fractures

By the time he suffered his last fracture, Robert Craig Knievel had suffered a total of 433 fractures of 35 different bones, setting a world record.

Knievel was a stunt man who attempted (and failed) many motorcycle rump jumps and in the end, fractured his skull, nose, jaw, both collarbones, both arms, both wrists, his sternum, every single rib and his back five times.

In addition, he broke both ankles, some toes, his right shin, right knee, tailbone, left hip, and had his pelvis crushed and broken three times. By far his worse crash when he tried to jump fountains in Las Vegas, a distance of 43 meters.

He crashed and his upper leg and pelvis were crushed and he fractured a hip, a wrist, both ankles, and received a concussion that put him in a coma for 29 days.

Buried alive for 10 days

Zdenek Zahradka from Czech Republic’s literally courted death. He was put in a wooden coffin and placed in a grave where he survived 10 days buried underground without food and water. Connected to the outside world only by a ventilation pipe and ultimately set a record few may be willing to try to break.

Tossed longest distance after being hit by vehicle

Matthew McKnight, a nurse from Pennsylvania, US, holds a record nobody would wish to break! He was struck by a car traveling 100 kilometres per hour in 200.

He had exited an ambulance to help victims of another accident when another motorist negotiated the curve too quickly and hit him. He was thrown over the highway, the median, the other highway a wire fence and landed on a cornfield. In total, he was found 36 metres away from the point of impact. Miraculously, he survived and ultimately made it to the book of records.

Dog survived most fatal injuries

Dosha, a hound from California, US, had a really bad day on April 15, 2003 that ultimately got her into the book of records. That morning, she jumped a fence to escape her yard and was subsequently hit by a pick-up truck.

Dosha was glassy-eyed and limp when the police arrived. Thinking the dog was fatally wounded, the cop shot Dosha in the head, just below her right eye, to put her out of misery. Animal control arrived and put what they thought was a carcass in a plastic bag.

They transported Dosha back to the dog pound and loaded her into a freezer. Hours later, a worker opened the freezer to find Dosha sitting up, still in the bag! For her triple death-defying feat, Guinness dubbed Dosha the luckiest dog in the world.

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