TSC begins to implement teachers deal

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has started to implement the new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in earnest after it suspended yesterday the appointment of teachers into new administrative positions to allow the recruitment to be guided by a competitive process.

According to the new CBA, which was signed in October last year and later registered with the Labour Relations and Employment Court on November 30, the new teachers recruited to administrative positions both in primary and post-primary institutions have to undergo a competitive process before they are appointed to those substantive positions permanently.

Some of these positions include senior teachers, deputy head teachers and headteachers in primary schools. Senior masters, Head of Departments (HoDs), deputy principals, secondary and college principals, deans, registrars and other administrative positions in post-primary institutions.

There are approximately 100,000 teachers in administrative positions, both in primary and post-primary schools. This include, about 30 head teachers and principals and a slightly higher number of deputy head teachers and deputy principals, because some schools have two deputies.

The rest are HoDs, senior teachers, deans and college registrars. “Previously these positions were on deployment where a teacher could be moved, say from a HoD to a deputy principal by the county education officials.

But now because we are implementing the new CBA, all these positions will be filled competitively,” TSC Head of Communications Kihumba Kamotho told People Daily.

However, those currently in these positions will not be affected and are expected to transit into these new positions seamlessly. This caveat will only affect those who will be recruited competitively into these positions once TSC lifts the suspension.

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