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Urbanization,cheap land draws real estate investors

In business terms land is considered a factor of production, a key one for that matter no more so here in Kenya where in the run up to the August 8th elections it has become one of the most emotive selling points for politicians.

NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga recently kicked a storm when he urged residents of Kajiado County not to dispose of their land to investors because they run the risk of being rendered squatters if the trend is left unchecked.

Due to availability of land and cheaper prices compared to other counties surrounding Nairobi, it has now become the target for real estate investors who are following the trail of urbanisation heading south of the country’s capital.

Questions have emerged on the implications of selling land en masse to satisfy the insatiable appetite for land buyers and protecting the Maasai community from being rendered landless as well as pastoralism, a profitable enterprise.

so where does legislation draw the line?

In our weekly Super Tuesday series we delve on the land debate, i begin by focusing on Kajiado as a case study owing to the spiraling urbanisation before Zawadi Mudibo tackles the discussion on land economics.

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