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Hubby entrusts me with all his money

Galia Cynthia Sylvia Dydda, a freelance journalist and wife to award winning gospel rapper Eko Dydda, lets us in on his career, their love life, as well as the unique choice of their children names

How did you meet?

We went to the same Sunday school in Huruma, Nairobi, and he was a friend to my younger sister. He used to visit my sister at home, but we didn’t talk much. When we became teenagers, I realised I had a crush on him.

I loved his music. He was in praise and worship in church. At some point we lost contact. In early 2008, I heard his song Niko na Reason being played on Homeboyz radio and was so excited. I got his number from a church member, called him and that’s how it started.

When did you get married?

We started dating immediately after meeting. It was always my prayer that if anyone serious came into my life, I would just marry him. I didn’t want a boyfriend, but a husband.

We got married in 2008, six months after meeting. I was also clear about not wanting someone with money; I wanted someone with whom we could build our lives from scratch. Back then, Eko was just starting his music career.

We know Eko as the hype gospel musician. How is he as a father and husband?

He’s still the same man. He cracks jokes a lot. When I met him, I was more of an introvert, but now I talk a lot. It’s hard to be quiet around him. He is a jovial person, loving and humble. When we got married, his music was not doing so well. So, I would get all my salary and give it to him. Today, he entrusts me with all his money.

What are the qualities that have made him succeed in his music career?

His humility and focus on God. Everything he does has to be aligned with God’s purpose. Fame and money hasn’t changed him.

What attributes do you admire in him?

I love how he makes me feel secure. With him, I always know that things are under control. He is also loving and a man of integrity.

Apart from music, what else is he involved in?

He runs a trust, Ghetto Champions Tournament in 32 slums in Nairobi. Last year, it expanded to Nakuru and Kakamega. We organise soccer tournaments between November and December.

The tournament also purpose to transform the community and bring about unity and tolerance. Many times, there are over 200 teams participating in the tournament. Winners go home with prize money.

We get sponsorship from different companies or organisations and other times from our pockets. Through the trust, he has empowered youth in the slums by buying car wash machines, mikokoteni and tanks to create jobs for them.

How did you take his decision to change his birth name?

Personally, I do not have a traditional name. When I met him, he was using his birth names. As we were dating, I told him about how I liked embracing cultures, but not using my tribe to get favours.

Interestingly, he shared the same vision and said he actually wanted a name that would help fight tribalism. At first, Eko Dydda was his stage name inspired from the words, I echo Jesus.

The process of changing his name was long and tedious. We got an affidavit and attended several board meetings with government officials to convince them his reasons to change his name. Finally, he succeeded and in 2015, Eko Dydda became his official name.

Your children have sentence names, why did you settle on that?

We did not want to give our children names that would align them to any tribe. I left the task of naming the children to him and I was totally ok with the names he came up with.

Our five-year-old son is called Keepitreal Favour Dydda and our three-year-old son is Amblessed Wisdom Dydda. I belief there is so much power in names. The sentence names are a name like any other.

What are his weaknesses?

He cannot cook. The best he can do in the kitchen is just boil water (laughs).

What is the funniest thing you have heard someone say about him?

When we were newly married, I met a friend who did not know I was married to him. She said that she had a crush on Eko Dydda and wanted to get his number so that she could seduce him. I offered to give her the number. She was embarrassed when she later realised that I was his wife.

Speaking of seducing, have you come across women who pursue him?

Yes. A lot. I just let them be. At the end of the day, I’m secure knowing that he is a straightforward person and knows what he wants; me.

What do you do for him on special days?

For us, every day is a special day. I try to give the best that I can, and be that Proverbs 31 woman; virtuous woman.

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