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How to build resilient defence against cyber attacks

 Cyberworld with Teddy Njoroge

Would you choose only a strong fence or set of security cameras in the backyard in protecting your home or would you rather use all means accessible to you in improving your protection? Well, keeping your business network safe is similar.

Using a security system based on a single type of technology is good, but what will stop cybercriminals from stealing valuable information if they find a way to bypass it? To build reliable and strong cybersecurity defences, a business should opt for a solution offering multiple complementary technologies with high detection rates and a low number of false positives.

That is to say, one that catches the thieves but doesn’t react when a neighbour’s cat walks across the lawn. There is a school of thought, however, that argues that to counter all cyber threats, companies only need to invest in a single layer of protection that utilises the “latest” machine learning algorithm.

Silver bullet

This is well in order, especially in minimising deployment complexities involved in managing multiple solutions. It is worth noting, however, that even the most recent cybersecurity algorithms do not amount to a silver bullet against all threats.

Malicious activity can take several forms, but what most attacks have in common is the need to stay undetected by instituted security solutions. Cybercriminals invest a lot in achieving this, and their methods evolve in line with advances in cybersecurity.

In offering better security, multiple barriers that are able to detect malicious items, even when modified, make attacks more difficult and costly to cybercriminals thereby minimising chances of attack.

Access rights

Company connectivity networks are often complicated affairs, consisting of various nodes each delivering on different roles with varying access rights. Identifying malicious activity in such a complex system can prove difficult, especially if the protection solution is trying to track everything through a single point.

It is true that a strong perimeter can improve a business’s cybersecurity, thus freeing endpoints from constant scanning of every item for malicious activity. However, if it is the only protective barrier for attackers to overcome, once they succeed there is nothing further to stop them.

Avoiding protection solutions is a cybercriminal’s daily bread and, as has been proved again and again in the past, any feature or system can be circumvented given enough effort.

With multi-layered solutions, even if one technology is bypassed, an array of other technologies remains to take action at a later point, or in a specific situation. The writer is ESET country manager.

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