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Ndigiti could have won gold not bronze, says his coach

Gibo Zachary @PeopleSports11

While Kenyans were excited at Dominic Ndigiti’s feat of winning a bronze medal in the boys’ 10,000m walk during the just-concluded World U18 Championships, his coach Patrick Njue was left disappointed that he did not claim gold.

Njue believes the 17-year-old Form Two student from Kiendege Secondary School could have won the event had he stuck to the game plan. Just two kilometres into the 10,000m event, Indonesian Sanjay Kumar kicked fast and with Ndigiti fearful of being left behind, perhaps with the pressure of the nation’s exceptions on his shoulders, he forgot his coach’s instructions.

“Our strategy was to walk with the leading pack and not to hit the front immediately. I told him not to chase if he sees anyone in front and instead race with the bigger group so as to preserve enough energy for the final kick with five laps to go.

But he decided to go with the leading guy who was later disqualified for running instead of walking and this really tired Ndigiti and cost him the gold,” said Njue. “The boy has learnt a lot from the championship.

He had a good time and what is remaining now is to sharpen and know what to do when faced with a similar scenario. I, however, foresee a great walker in him going forward,” added Njue.

He went on: “With the Commonwealth Games coming up next April, we are going back to basics. I want us to work on these mistakes, polish and get well prepared and you will see different results.”

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