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Uhuru spells out grand plans for Mombasa port

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President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday said the Jubilee government had delivered more in the Coast region than any other administration, citing the expansion of the port of Mombasa which, he said, was aimed at making it a net exporter of goods manufactured in the country.

The President said contrary to allegation by Opposition leaders, the Jubilee government intends to create jobs by establishing industrial parks across the country where goods are manufactured and transported to the port for export.

“We want Mombasa to become a central point from where all goods manufactured across the country are exported to the rest of the world. Mombasa should not be just a port where we receive goods for consumption,” the President said at an interview with journalists at State House, Mombasa.

He said allegations by the Opposition that the Naivasha dry port would minimise operations at the Mombasa port were misplaced. The President said his administration plans to set up industrial parks at Dongo Kundu, Voi, Konza, Naivasha and Kisumu where goods for export will be manufactured and transported via the Standard Gauge Railway to the Mombasa port for export.

“The difference between us in Jubilee and our friends is that we want to build an industrial base in Kenya where we export what we produce as opposed to consuming what others produce,” said the President.

The President said the government is extending the Standard Gauge Railway to Naivasha where an industrial park will be built to utilise the geothermal power to manufacture goods for export. He said a similar park will be established in Kisumu.

“What we are doing will increase job opportunities at the port of Mombasa, as there will be a lot of goods for export coming from industrial parks,” said the President. The President said the Government has also initiated many development projects in the Coastal region aimed at creating jobs and business opportunities for residents.

President Kenyatta emphasised that he was keen to work with all leaders to improve the lives of Kenyans. He said more would be achieved if local leaders were supportive of the initiatives aimed at improving the lives of residents. The President pointed out that his administration had issued more title deeds to residents than any past government.

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