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Being distinct separates one from the crowd

Joseph Hellon

Being distinct separates one from the crowd We live in a world where people find some sense of security, albeit false, in having common behaviour or achievement. One of the major reasons not so many people succeed in life is because they love status quo.

They fear to be different. What distinguishes human beings from the animal world is their ability to stand out and be different. Since human beings can vary their similarities through creativity and innovation, they are therefore qualified to have better and higher quality of existence. It’s important to realise that all human beings are born with instinct. All babies have the instinct to feed.

What matters isn’t intrinsic instinctive values, but the ability to be distinctive. To be distinct is to be different. Instinct will make a man eat and overeat because of quest for survival.

Distinct behaviour will cause a man to control their eating and even fast at times. It’s when our young people are taught to be distinct that they will begin to manifest admirable characteristic traits. Instinct in a young person tends to point towards a riotous lifestyle.

This is characterised by overindulgence. Many young people experiment with sex, drugs, crime and things that don’t smack of virtue. This is because they haven’t been taught to graduate from life of youthful instincts to that of rational distinction.

That a young man can’t control their senses or behaviour is a fallacy. That a young person can stand and be different is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

General human behaviour tends to tease, bully and belittle anyone that appears different from others. People feel secure in common practice even if it’s a vice. The way forward is to choose to be distinctively different and to develop personal ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’.

We must teach and train our youth to develop a moral code that they distinctively live by. My mum taught us not to steal. She also said that our family never smoked.

So, many decades later, you won’t catch me with a cigarette in my hands, neither will you find me stealing. I just simply can’t and I won’t. Why? This is not to sound holier than thou, but to tell you about the power of being distinct.

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