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Alluring temptations

Imagine having intense physical attraction towards someone. Whenever you meet, nothing else matters, except the two of you. Your adrenaline goes on overdrive. Your mind stalls. Your body riots.

You want to touch…you want to taste. You yearn for them deeply, and yet, their presence overwhelms you. The sexual tension between the two of you is so intense; everyone else in the room feels it. The more you resist the magnetic pull towards each other, the more the sexual tension grows. The chemistry between you two is deliciously explosive.

When you are single this unresolved sexual tension can be an exhilarating experience. If you are unavailable, the temptation becomes exciting, confusing and frustrating. It’s a case of, you want to…the other person also wants to…you both want to… but you can’t. You can run away from your object of desire.

Or you can act out on our feelings. The choice is yours. You may decide to fan the flames and see where the adventure leads you. You could acknowledge your feelings for each other and become flirt buddies, fantasy partners or even lovers. Sometimes you may find that you have just gotten yourself a soul mate.

Acting on your feelings may also result in you losing a good friend: Once a friend becomes a lover, it’s hard to go back to being friends after the affair ends. Turning a colleague into a lover may also result in awkwardness at the workplace.

You may also discover that though you are in perfect physical synch, your personalities don’t gel and the relationship fails. Cheating on your partner may destroy your current relationship. Sometimes, the best way to resolve sexual tension is not to resolve it at all; if you don’t fan the flame, it fizzles out eventually.

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