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Meet Kipsang – an Afro-pop singer and songwriter

Kipsang is an Afro-pop singer and songwriter whose new song You has been the talk of town. He talks to Kyuomukama Faith about his music journey

Why the name Kipsang?

Why didn’t you opt for a stage name instead? I decided to go with my birth name because I value my roots. Originally, I thought of coming up with a stage name, but none called to me. So, I decided to be original and stick with my name, after all, it is an identity of where I come from.

You are a sound engineer, a behind-the-scenes kinda guy, what pushed you to venture into music?

I have always loved and appreciated music. My dad was a pianist, so you could say it runs in the family. It’s a passion and all this is what in part pushed me towards music.

Word is, you dabbled in acting. Talk to us about that.

As an actor, I was involved in theatrical comedy acts for various products as well as campaigns on HIV and Aids to sensitise people. A lot of the acts were in a band and that’s how I got an in as a backup singer.

You were also part of a band known as Acoustic Zeze, though that partnership was short-lived. What happened?

People grow up and have different goals. That’s what happened. There was no underlying issues, we just wanted different things. I went solo and did my own thing.

While a lot of your recent hits are a fusion between Kiswahili and English, prior, you released an album in Kalenjin. What brought on switch?

It didn’t go as planned. The reception wasn’t what I expected. I chose to take a different approach, so I went Afro- pop, which is going seamlessly well. I realised it is better to have an audience first, then try my hand again at it.

Your new releases, You and Talk About Us, what was the inspiration behind them?

Both singles revolve around love. The reception has been positive. What are some of the challenges you experienced while starting out? There were a number of challenges, although finances were my biggest issue. Everything from audio to video production requires money as well as marketing.

Are you working on any collabos?

I have actually done a couple, they’re yet to be released though. I have one with Ameelina and a few others with a couple of East Africa artistes. Unfortunately, I cannot disclose any more information at the moment since the plans are still underway and not concluded.

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