Senator discovers he was technically never elected

The deputy leader of an Australian political party has announced that he was ending his nine-year career in Parliament because he had discovered he had technically never been a senator.

Scott Ludlam, the deputy leader of the minor Greens party, said he was “personally devastated” to learn that he was a citizen of New Zealand as well as Australia, which made him ineligible for the Senate job he has held since July 2008. The constitution states that a “citizen of a foreign power”

is not eligible to be elected to the Australian Parliament. “I apologise unreservedly for this,” Ludlam told reporters. Born in in Palmerston North in New Zealand, Ludlam moved to Perth, Australia, when was 3-years-old. He became an Australian as a teenager and said he hadn’t realized that New Zealand citizenship “might be something that sticks to you in that way.”


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