Lawyers castigate Jubilee Party attacks on Judiciary

Lawyers have castigated recent attacks on the Judiciary by the Jubilee Party leadership, saying it amounts to an assault on the rule of law and the very edifice of justice for all.

Law Society of Kenya’s (LSK) Committee on Senior Counsel accused politicians of stooping too low by dragging ethnic and family values into national issues following the Judiciary’s stand on the preparations towards next month’s election.

LSK president Isaac Okero even linked the upsurge of extra judicial killings in the country largely involving security agents to the recent harsh words on the Judiciary. He said threats to any judicial officer, whether express or veiled is an attack on the rule of law.

Okero said courts must be allowed to interpret the laws made by the Legislature. He absolved the Judiciary saying that sometimes its systems may somehow in good faith reach wrong decisions, but that does not justify castigation on them.

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