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The Originals star Daniel Gillies in Uganda

“I have a voice, so do you. Milions of refugees in Uganda and South Sudan, don’t,” Daniel Gillies posted on his Instagram. The Canadian born, New Zealand-raised actor is best known for playing long-lived vampire Elijah Mikaelson.

The show, a spin-off itself of The Vampire Diaries (which Gillies also starred in as the same character) has a legion of ardent fans. Something that Gillies hopes will help him in his upcoming cause.

Gillies is in Uganda, in conjunction with OXFAM sitting down with refugees to talk to them about their circumstances, and recording and broadcasting this via his various social media platforms such as Facebook Live, Instagram and Twitter.

He’s giving these displaced people a voice and a face to an enormous humanitarian crisis that in his opinion has been largely ignored by major media outlets.

Our favourite Original also launched a new T-shirt campaign, posting: “Purchase a shirt and support the incredible organisation of Oxfam. Money raised will supply food, clean water, sanitation and tremendous care to refugees around the world, including people affected by the conflict in South Sudan.” Love, DG.

“I started reading about the civil war in South Sudan several months ago. This is now Africa’s largest refugee crisis — almost four million people have been forced from their homes and just less than half of that are now refugees in neighbouring countries. Many are heading to Uganda, which is one of the reasons why I wanted to go there.

Honestly, I feel so privileged to live where we do in the States, but I also felt so helpless. Eventually, I started to get angry. I mean, there’s a type of manic distraction in our popular culture — whether it’s a Kardashian wardrobe mishap, a Trump mis-Tweet, or yet another tragic mass shooting in a club or school.

The world seems so filled with violations right now, it’s almost impossible to focus on any one thing or catastrophe. And I say this without a trace of hyperbole, we’re facing one of the greatest humanitarian crises the world has ever seen in Africa.

Millions of disenfranchised civilians have had to flee their homes and farms — in South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria. It’s as if, almost by our ignorance or distraction, we’re a silent partner in this tragedy. I had to do something.” The Originals star stated at past interview.

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