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Changing world, one person at a time

My children have closed school and we are on holiday mode as we travel to California for a much-needed holiday. This year, I’m on a vegan diet. I follow a strict diet on the advice of a nutritionist. I do this because I want to live long and be healthy and most of all, I want to have a clear conscience.

I love the feeling of knowing that I am taking responsibility for everything that I do involving my life. I now have my household sorted out. My employees are all the best I could ask for.

My children are in synch with my plans for our future as a family. I have found an awesome hairdresser and tailor. Although I have contributed a lot to creating this wonderful world I live in, I feel spoilt being surrounded by such good people — down-to-earth, honest and committed.

I decided the other day that if I desire to change the world, I should start with changing those closest to me first. If I cannot change them and make them desire a life that is similar to mine, then I do not think my plan can change anyone else.

The word change here is meant to depict the process of these people becoming better people or being replaced. I must tell you that it is the most difficult thing to desire something to happen and seeing it as impossible. I desire with so much zeal for those close to me to understand that I am not demanding things that I am not entitled to.

I believe it is my right to claim an environment that represents and embraces wholeheartedly, values of truth, honesty and kindness. I will be patient as I search for others who can understand me.

I know I risk finding myself lonely and discarded and the confidence I am exhibiting may dwindle into despair. However, to me, the benefits of finding people who hold similar values to me far outweighs the cost I have to pay for trying to find them.

I can only imagine how awesome the friendships of such people would be as they would definitely inspire me to remain real and authentic and challenge me to do even better.

This experience has made me realise just how tough life is. It also taught me that I can only save this world from the lies we purport to live as our lives by exemplifying at least one saved person who has to be me.

The best thing about how I am doing this is that I make it easy for others to do the same. I believe the world can only be changed by those who decide to bear all and not feel ashamed.  To me, anyone around whom I cannot be myself with completely is a hindrance to me fulfilling my destiny. The writer is a lawyer and a blogger www.njerimucheru.com

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