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Brisk business at Games Village as thousands turn up

Inside Kasarani Stadium where World U18 competition is ongoing lies the village which serves athletes and enthusiasts alike with a chance to take a break from the adrenaline on the main arena.

Music blaring from two main stands has drawn the curiosity of many to find the location and explore what’s on offer but business is yet to reach its peak. The curio shop is the main attraction especially for the many visiting teams with many Africa-themed material on display ranging from pieces of clothing to accessories and souvenirs.

The prices ranging from Sh200 for trinkets and mementoes like earrings and bracelets to Sh20,000 for wall hangings and carvings. “We are excited to have people visit our stands and show interest in the process of crafting the pieces but business is yet to reach it is peak.

If only we could have people directed to where the stands are then things would get better,” offered Ian Nalianya a designer with Dream and Cherish Kenya who have pitched tent in the village.


Retired athlete and former army officer in the colonial government Wilson Kiprugut Chuma has urged sports journalist to honour their profession by acting as motivational coaches to the country’s athletes.

Kiprugut was Kenya’s first Olympian and also the first Kenyan ever to win an Olympic medal when he won a bronze in 800m, then 880 yards, at the 1964 Olympics.

“While covering athletes, young or experienced, bear in mind that you play a motivational coaching role in their careers. Whatever you tell the public should be geared at growing their talent for the better,” Chuma said.

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