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My love for Evo

How did you acquire it?

We first saw it at Lota Motors with my father and instantly liked it. My dad decided to buy it, but when we went there the following week to test and hopefully buy it, we found it had already been sold.

My dad was a good friend of the late Amir and he used to take his car for service at Auto Art Garage (Amir’s garage). One day he went there and found the same Evo. Apparently, Amir had bought it and had planned on upgrading its performance, but when we told him that we’d eyed it first, he was a gentleman enough to let us buy it from him.

What do you love most about this car?

It’s a stress reliever; when life starts to wear you down, you just go for a drive and by the time you come back, everything is all right. It’s the whole package of what makes an Evo; the handling, acceleration, sound, and most importantly, the sensation of speed. After a session of boosting, it really does lower the stress levels.

Which are its downsides?

Well, first off is the cost of parts. The Mitsubishi Evo is not as common as the Subaru STI. This means that parts are not easily available, and if they are, then you pay through the nose for them.

Secondly, some roads in Kenya are simply impassable. The car sits very low, so I have to be careful and plan my route. Some roads are too rough or bumpy to pass through. I would also say fuel, but to be honest, anyone getting an Evo knows it’s not going to be frugal at the pump. So that’s not really an issue to me.

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