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Canvas and music – Njeri and Oliver Ondede weds

Couple: Njeri and Oliver Ondede

Date: March 11, 2017

Venue: CITAM Valley Road and St Nicholas Senior School for the reception

Photography: Kevin Ouma

Photography Sound: DJ Sam Omol

Bride’s gown: Nyambura Mundara (personal designer)

Groom’s suit: Joshua Muthure, Fobago

How long did it take you to plan the wedding?

Njeri: I would say exactly a year. We got together a group of close friends and family and formed a planning committee that helped us achieve our dream wedding. We really appreciate our chairman Wilson Njigua who was excellent and efficient from the beginning to the end.

How did you choose the colour scheme and theme for your wedding?

For the colour scheme, we decided to pick our favourite colours, which at that time were yellow for me, and blue for Oliver, then we changed to hot pink and blue.

Then one day, I woke up and thought most of my friends know I love colour, so, at that moment, I thought of black and white and bam! Oliver was in for it. For the theme, it was pretty easy.

Music is one of our mutual likes. We used to be in a dance group a while back and now Oliver is a deejay (DJ Double O). So, we knew it was going to be predominant in the wedding, plus lots of dancing.

How did you settle on the venue?

Citam is where we fellowship and the church gave us a lot of support. Also, we loved the interior because we didn’t need to do any décor. The reception venue was affordable, spacious and available.

How did you settle on the number of your bridal party?

We had a total of 10 people including the best man and best maid, and two flower girls. It was pretty easy. Oliver asked me how many of my friends I would like on the line-up and I said five, so he got five of his friends to match.

How much did your wedding cost?

Around Sh400,000.

Why would you say your wedding was successful?

Both families welcomed us, and God gave us an amazing support system, that we were able to achieve what we had dreamt of. We kept time everywhere, and we had lots of fun!

What was most memorable about your big day?

The dancing! There was lots of dancing. Most of the people in the line-up were former dancers, so it worked for us.

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