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A double shot of Privee

Personally, I love some Naija spirit, and whenever I go to Privee, I always feel like I’m in a small Lagos; and you know what they say about the Lagos party! Just like Brew Bistro, there are two branches of Privee, that’s on Rhapta Road and Fortis Tower, both in Westlands, Nairobi.

But let’s talk about the popular one at Fortis Towers along Woodvale Grove aka Nairobi’s Electric Avenue. This spot is more popular with revellers, as it usually filled to capacity every weekend, whether there is a superstar checking in for club appearance or not.

Nigerians also seem to like the place, but I am assuming it’s because the club plays their kind of music and most of the artiste having appearances or performing there are from their country. During an appearance, it’s important to head there early to avoid being frozen at the entrance for hours.

The club is also strict on age entry. Only 21 years and above can access the premise. So, in case you have not been there yet, it’s better you get a club that will accommodates your likes. Beer prices at Privee can be said to be affordable.

A bottle of beer goes for Sh300, and then there are their famous cocktails, which during happy hour, if you buy one, you get another free one. Ridiculous right? So, in case you’re real thirsty, you know where to quench it.

Music at Privee is great. The resident deejays, and the so often guest mixmasters, seems to have understood their crowd pretty well. An ample parking area is available, so you will not have to worry about where to park your car or motorbike.

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