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Nyamweya suit on KPL format to be determined in October

The High Court will determine the fate of the controversial Kenya Premier League (KPL) structure on October 3. Justice John Mativo yesterday gave the last chance to Football Kenya Federation (FKF) leadership to respond to the petition by former FKF chairman Sam Nyamweya challenging the new KPL format.

FKF bosses Nick Mwendwa and Robert Muthoni are required to furnish the court and Nyamweya with written arguments within 14 days after their bid to extinguish the suit was dismissed on March 21.

The court is expected to determine whether the FKF/KPL agreement dated September 24, 2015 –providing for only 16 teams to play during the 2017 season is a legally binding and enforceable contract.

The second bone of contention is whether soccer governing body FIFA and Confederation of African Football (CAF) rules and regulations govern the dispute. The final issue is whether the contentious club licensing regulations published by FKF are legitimate.

Nyamweya is seeking sanctions against FKF leadership and KPL management over what he calls irregular expansion of the league from 16 to 18 participating teams and the haphazard relegation and promotion of teams to the annual football season.

Nyamweya, who relinquished the FKF presidency to pave for the Mwendwa team, claims his successors have created the fragmentation and chaos in the football industry by imposing illegal regulations with far-reaching adverse ramifications.

The Mwendwa team had argued that Nyamweya did not participate in the signing of the FKF-KPL agreement that provides for only 16 teams to play during the 2017 season, comprising 14 teams that qualified during the 2016 season and the two highest ranked clubs at the end of the 2016 season in the FKF National Super League.

Nyamweya has accused the FKF leadership of unilaterally expanding the KPL to 18 teams and breaching the pact that categorically states that relegation and promotion of clubs must be reviewed and agreed upon at least one season before enforcement.

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